Now it's the FBI's turn to harass Kevin

Nate Thayer misrepresents Kevin's arrest

[My arrest was violent. I would not have pled guilty to aggravated assault otherwise. I was not arrested for threatening the president, nor was I ever charged with that offense. I was arrested on a mental health warrant that was signed after the fact. --K.W.]



Kevin finally gets his records (well some of them at least)

Based on the records, Kevin files another petition to modify the terms of his probation

Belinda Rouzaud tells more lies about reasons records were denied

Kevin Walsh



Disclaimer from the webmasters

[Disclaimer: This site was established by a political activist who wishes to remain anonymous. I am very grateful for his tireless advocacy in my case and for his interest in fighting injustice everywhere. He has given me the privilege of editing this site, but I shall do so sparingly. Unless specifically attributed to me (such as one of my letters), the opinions expressed on this site are his, and I do not necessarily share them. The opinions of Laro Nicol and others are also expressed on this site. Where I feel the need to comment, I shall do so in brackets [] and end with my name. --Kevin Walsh]

Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner held by the Secret Service for calling George Bush a War Criminal

Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner arrested by the Secret Service because he had the gall to say that George Bush is a modern Hitler.

[No, whatever my disagreements with Hitler, I would not insult Hitler in that way. I said that Bush deserved to be killed, and I stand by that statement. --Kevin Walsh]

The Secret Service jailed Kevin Walsh as a political prisoner because Kevin was a gun owner and legally carried a concealed weapon for self defense.

[I'm sure this was a contributing factor, but it was clearly not the entire reason. Although there have been many assaults on the Second Amendment, the fact remains that there are many firearms owners in the USA, some of whom lawfully carry concealed, who do not suffer government oppression. Why are they left alone? Because they are either apolitical or their political views are mainstream. There are plenty of heavily armed pro-war pro-Bush people, and there may even be some heavily armed liberal Democrats (although many of these people are in favour of gun control and so wouldn't want to arm themselves), and these people are generally left alone by the government. The main reason I was targeted was that I was openly anti-war and anti-Bush, and not only that, that I openly supported the Iraqi Resistance and the Palestinian Resistance and the right of the people of Iraq and Palestine to use deadly force to remove those who unjustly occupy their countries. True, there are some anti-war and anti-Bush people who are not targeted, but these people are usually pacifists who are unarmed. The government generally tolerates your exercising your First Amendment rights, as long as you don't exercise your Second Amendment rights as well. The government tolerates your exercising your Second Amendment rights, as long as you don't exercise your First Amendment rights as well. If you insist on exercising both of these rights, you can expect trouble. Laro Nicol and I have some strong differences in political opinion. He is more of an anarchist, and he does not share my opposition to Judaism. Still what we had in common is that we strongly opposed Bush and the war in Iraq, we upheld the right of people to engage in armed struggle to end oppression, and we exercised our right to bear arms. It is that combination which the government will not tolerate. --Kevin Walsh]

Well Kevin Walsh was not arrested because the Secret Service didn't have any evidence to charge him with any crimes.

Instead Secret Service Special Special Agent Ray LeBeau asked the State of Arizona to declare that Kevin Walsh was insane and had Kevin locked up in the Maricopa County Mental Hospital.

The Secret Service

The Arizona State Mental Hospital

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The Kevin Laro Newsletter

This is a generic email address for the public defender

Kevin Walsh Update - 9/22/04
Kevin has two public defenders.

[I would like to thank my attorneys, Ms. Stewart and Ms. Martin for their diligent efforts on my behalf. Both were public defenders who were receiving no money from me or my family, yet they handled my case to the best of their ability and with zeal. --Kevin Walsh]

Jennifer Stewart and Tenny Martin were his public defenders. Jennifer Stewart was his public defender for his criminal charges. She can be reached at:

Jennifer Stewart
Public Defenders Office
11 W. Jefferson, Suite 5
Phoenix, Arizona


Tenny Martin was his public defender in his mental health case. She can be reached at:
(this is for his appeal in the mental health court. she was not his public defender for his criminal charges for assult)
Trying to get the court records = Can't they're secret
The Republican phone solicitor who reported Kevin to the Secret Service His name is Weiss and he is a real estate agent
Medical Records at the Desert Vista Hospital is (480)344-2127
The Court Records are kept at the main county building in downtown Phoenix
Main number at Desert Vista Hospital is (480)344-2000

Does the Secret Service jail dissenters in Mental Hospitals?

This person accused the governement of genocide and they declared him insane just like Kevin,

Kevin's First Letter from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's hell hole

Kevin's Second Letter from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's hell hole

Other letters from Kevin

Some comments from Kevin Walsh since he has been freed

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“You know why you say I’m right? Because I’ve got a gun and a badge. I’m always right.”

Tempe Police Officer Sgt. Chuck Schoville on Tempe Channel 11 StreetBeat Cable TV show