Phoenix Police Report about Kevin's Arrest


These reports raise some interesting questions?

  1. On page 5 in the Phoenix Police report Secret Service agent Ray LeBeau told the Phoenix Police that Kevin Walsh had made a threat on the President of the United States.

    If the Secret Service said that Kevin had made a threat against the president and was telling other police agencies that I suspect that means the probable cause existed to arrest Kevin for threatening the President. But Kevin has not been charged with any crimes since Kevin has been arrested. I suspect agent Ray LeBeau is lying about this because the Secret Service has not arrested him for threatening the President.

    Kevin said he never threatened the President. Kevin says he said that “He wished the president were dead”, something that is legal to say. This supports my theory that agent LeBeau is lying, and slandering Kevin Walsh.

    The final test on this is to interview the Republican phone solicitor who talked to Kevin. If he says Kevin did not threaten the President then we have a cut and dried case that Secret Service agent Ray LeBeau is lying, committing perjury and slandering Kevin Walsh’s good name.

  2. The Phoenix Police in these reports say that Kevin should be charged with "Aggravated assault homicide: Assault on law enforcement officers" but in the report not once did the police say Kevin hit, kicked, bit or attacked them in any way. The police say several times that THEY kicked and hit Kevin. The only thing Kevin is accused of doing is struggling to keep free, and reaching for his gun to kill himself. The police say several times that Kevin asked them to kill him. Not once did they accuse Kevin of saying he was going to kill the police.
  3. In a number of places in the reports the cops say they were going to give Kevin a "contact wound". What's a "contact wound"? Is it police slang for "murdering someone"?"

    Nope I was wrong on that! This person tells me a contact wound is:

    "contact wound" as a gunshot in which the muzzle was pressed against the victim's flesh (contact).
    I did a search on google for “contact wounds” and they seem to be pretty nasty.
  4. Why did Secret Service seize the guns and not Phoenix Police. The State of Arizona arrested Kevin, the State of Arizona ordered Kevin locked in a mental institution. But oddly after the Phoenix Police and Secret Service raided Kevin's home and seized his guns the Phoenix Police gave his guns to the Secret Service to keep. Why on earth is the Secret Service seizing Kevin's guns. The Federal Government is not even involved in Kevin's case other then Secret Service agent Ray LeBeau saying that Kevin is crazy.
  5. Deer hunting, or people hunting? One of the Phoenix cops was armed with a carbine. Isn't a carbine a rifle. And the cop had the rifle aimed at Kevin as the other cops approached Kevin. It sounds more like people hunting then arresting a person. Was this cop going to kill Kevin if he ran?
  6. Cops didn't give us everything we asked for in our "Freedom of Information" request. The police reports say photos were taken of Kevin. They didn't offer to give us any of them. Also photos and other information were given to the Phoenix Police by the Secret Service. They didn't give us any of that information.
  7. The cops listed themselves as victims. While none of the cops were hurt while arresting Kevin they listed themselves as victims of a crime committed by Kevin. They even said they were "FEARFUL"
  8. In one of the reports one of the cops told Kevin of his right to remain silent. Then when Kevin said he didn't want to talk the cop said he ceased to question Kevin. My question is when they took Kevin to the shrinks who they had waiting to question Kevin did the shrinks tell Kevin that he had the right to remain silent and that anything and everything Kevin said would be used against him to lock him up in a mental hospital. I suspect the shrinks didn't say one thing about it to Kevin. And then I ask shouldn't everything Kevin said be flushed down the toilet and not used against him. In that case I think Kevin should be released.


Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner who was jailed in a mental hospital by the Secret Service for his anti-Bush statements. Kevin Walsh had committed no crimes and the Secret Service had no evidence to charge Kevin Walsh with any crimes.