Kevin's medical and court records

  Kevin's medical and court records

1) I talked to a guy named Ben (480)344-2127 at the records place at Desert Vista Medical Hospital where they had Kevin jailed. He said Kevin could get copies of his medical records by requesting them either form the Maricopa County Jail where he is currently at or by coming in to the hospital and filling out a form and presenting a photo ID.

He said the medical records are secret and only Kevin can get copies of them

2) I talked to several people about getting copies of the court hearings and court records that have Kevin jailed for being a "crazy" person.

One person said that while the court hearings are open to the public the actual records are secret. That sounds scary to me if its true. Secret courts.

The Ben guy in item 1) said that the court records (as opposed to the medical records) are kept in the downtown Phoenix county building, not in Mesa at the hospital.

He didn't know if the court records were secret or not.

A couple of weeks ago I went to downtown Phoenix and tried to find Kevin's court records. The person in the county records building said that medical court records are secret and I would have to have Kevin's permission to get them. He didn't sound like he was an expert so I don't know if he was correct on that or not.

3) I talked to Kevin's public defender who is Tenny Martin. Her number is (602)506-0920. She is an appeals lawyer and was involved in appealing Kevin's medical court ruling.

She seemed to have a heart attack when I told her I wanted to give the media Kevin's mental records and court records. She said there was bad bad stuff in them. I suspect she is a statist pig.

She said that Kevin's medical and court records are secret to the public but that "generally" Kevin can get copies of them. With that "generally" response I suspect that means some of them are secret.

She told me to have Kevin contact her and she would tell him how to get copies of his records.


Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner who was jailed in a mental hospital by the Secret Service for his anti-Bush statements. Kevin Walsh had committed no crimes and the Secret Service had no evidence to charge Kevin Walsh with any crimes.