Superior Court of Arizona of Maricopa County

Kevin Walsh
5059 N 38th Place
Phoenix, Az
								NO. MH2004-000976     

	Exhibit A

1) All police reports and documents on this case.

2) All paper work and documents that was given to your agency by the Secret Service.

3) The names of the Republican telephone solicitors and all other people at the republican party who where involved in reporting Kevin to the Secret Service.

4) The statements the telephone solicitors made to the Secret Service and what they accused Kevin of.

5) All paper work and documents that your agency has produced about this case.

6) All arrest warrants and other warrants you have on this case for Kevin Walsh.

7) All transcripts and records about all the court hearings that Kevin Walsh has had

8) All court orders and documents you have on this case.

9) The names and doses of all drugs Kevin Walsh is being forced to take.

10) The names and all reports made by all doctors or other medical workers who examined or questioned Kevin.

12) Copies of all the medical and psychiatric treatments done on Kevin Walsh.

13) Copies of all medical records about Kevin Walsh in the Maricopa County Hospital.

14) Copies of all medical records about Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Medical Hospital.

15) Copies of all records relating to this case which the public defender has.

16) All Secret Service documents that explain how the Secret Service should attempt to commit a person to a mental institution who not guilty of any crimes but is considered a political dissident or a potential threat to the president because of his political beliefs.