Request for all the information the government has about Kevin

  Phoenix Police
620 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon
200 W. Washington St., 12th floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Maricopa County Public Defenders Office
11 W Jefferson, Suite 5
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Maricopa County Superior Court
201 W. Jefferson
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Desert Vista Behavioral Health Center
570 West Brown Road
Mesa, Arizona
(480) 344-2000

Maricopa County Medical Center
2601 East Roosevelt Street
Phoenix AZ, 85008

Arizona Republican Party
3501 North 24th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Arizona State Hospital
2500 East Van Buren Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85008
(602) 244-1331

Arizona Dept of Health Services
150 N. 18th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-1001

Secret Service
3200 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85012

July 28, 2004

Dear Sirs:

This is a request for public documents, records and information per Arizona Revised Statutes ARS 39 - 121 and United States Code USC 5 - 552. Please comply with U.S. and Arizona law and give us copies of the information as soon as possible under penalty of law.

A Republican telephone solicitor called the Walsh family and asked them to support and re-elect President Bush for four more years of war. Kevin Walsh answered the phone and told the solicitor something to the effect that he thought Bush was a war criminal. The Republican telephone solicitor identified Kevin as a political dissenter and this triggered a Secret Service investigation.

Sometime around June 6, 2004 the Secret Service asked the Phoenix Police to locate and tail Kevin Walsh. This was probably requested by Secret Service Agent Ray LeBeau.

Around Monday June 21, 2004 Kevin Walsh was arrested at gun point in Tempe at the Quadrangles Village apartments on 1255 E. University Drive by the Phoenix Police. This was done at the request of Secret Service Agent Ray LeBeau who claimed Mr. Walsh was in need of psychiatric evaluation for his political dissent. The Phoenix Police and the Secret Service made a major screw up on this because they didn't know that an arrest warrant was required to detain Kevin, nor did they get an arrest warrant.

Kevin was taken against his will by the Phoenix Police to the Maricopa Medical Center Desert Vista Campus on 570 Brown Road in Mesa, Arizona where he has been detained since, although he has not been charged with any crimes. Two psychistrics were waiting there to examine him and rubber stamp Agent Ray LeBeau statement that Kevin was "insane" because of his political views.

Sometime after Kevin was detained but before his court hearing some type of arrest warrant was issued for Kevin.

Around Thursday July 1, 2004 a judge in a mental health court at the Desert Vista Behavioral Health Center in Mesa committed Kevin Walsh to the State Mental Hospital for 180 days because his political dissent made him a danger to himself and other people.

After Kevin's hearing some type of another arrest was issued for Kevin.

Please give us this information and all other information you have relating to this:

  • All police reports and documents on this case
  • All paper work and documents that was given to your agency by the Secret Service.
  • The names of the telephone solicitors who report Kevin to the Secret Service
  • The statements the telephone solicitors made to the Secret Service and what they accused Kevin of
  • All paper work and documents that your agency has produced about this case.
  • All arrest warrants and other warrants you have on this case for Kevin Walsh
  • All transcripts and records about all the court hearings that Kevin Walsh has had
  • All court orders and documents you have on this case.
  • The names and doses of all drugs Kevin Walsh is being forced to take.
  • The names and all reports made by all doctors or other medical workers who examined or questioned Kevin
  • Copies of all the medical and psychiatric treatments done on Kevin Walsh
  • Copies of all medical records about Kevin?s Walsh?s in the Maricopa County Hospital
  • Copies of all medical records about Kevin?s Walsh?s in the Arizona State Medical Hospital
  • Copies of all records relating to this case which the public defender has.

I would gladly come pick this information up but can't because I am currently being detained by the State of Arizona against my will so send this information to my home at:

5059 N 38th Place
Phoenix, AZ

Thank You

Kevin Walsh