Sgt Wilbur Johnson needs some warm bodies to help him kill people


Sgt Wilbur Johnson with the Arizona Army National Guard needs some young warm bodies to help the U.S. Government kill woman, children and Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and maybe in North Korea and Iraq!

The wages he pays are not very much. And in fact you may end up getting killed helping him. Last the job is more like slavery because once you join you can’t quit for 8 years despite the pay being horrible, and people trying to kill you. But if you enjoy killing people and helping the American Empire enslave the world it’s a job you will love. If you think the words “Blood for Oil” sound good you will love this job, and it may be your blood.

Contact Sgt Wilbur Johnson at:

Sgt Wilbur Johnson
Arizona Army National Guard
Recruiting and Retention NCO
5425 E McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona
(602)466-2051 cell
(602)267-2520 fax


Arizona Natual Gaurd

Military recruiters like Sgt Wilbur Johnson are expected to get certain number of warm bodies every to work for slave wages, who risk being kill everyday by people shooting at them with AK-47 machine guns, and trying to blow up their vehicles with roadside bombs. Needless to say it is a sh*tty job and most people tell Sgt Wilbur Johnson to keep his sh*tty job and shove it.

As a result of this military recruiters like Sgt Wilbur Johnson usually lie a lot in an attempt to get their quota of warm bodies to help the American Empire kill people. Sgt Wilbur Johnson will probably make the job sound like you get to screw porn stars everyday after you attend your daily military college classes that will allow you to get a job making $100,000 after leave the service in two years.

The reality of it is the only classes you will get are basic training and the number ONE thing they will teach you is to obey orders and do as your f*cking told. The rest of your training will be teaching you how to use a M-16 to kill people. Forget about the training that will allow you go get a job making $100K in two years when you get out.

The two years thing is another lie Sgt Wilbur Johnson and other recruiters will usually tell you to get you to join. It ain’t TWO years! It is EIGHT long F*CKING years (if you don't get killed sooner). The contract you sign says the U.S. Military gets to use you as a slave for EIGHT years. Well almost a slave in exchange for making you get shot at they pay you some small salary in addition to treating you like sh*t when officers boss you around like a slave.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it. Now get your butt over to the recruiting center now and sign up to join the Military. Sgt Wilbur Johnson will probably tell you that the porn stars are waiting to have sex with you after you finish basic training.


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