Phoenix Lawsuit


Director: Dora B. Schriro
Arizona Department of Corrections
1601 West Jefferson Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007, USA

Dear Director: Dora B. Schriror:

Please send me the form so I can file a claim for damages against your prison as required by Arizona law.

Iím sure that in your long history of working in the corrections business your aware that one pleasure sadistic guards enjoy is returning an inmates mail to the sender telling the sender the lie that the mail canít be delivered because the inmate is no longer at that prison.

This mean sadistic practice hurts both the inmate and the inmateís friends and relatives. It also costs the people corresponding with the inmate money in wasted postage stamps and time wasted resending the mail and tracing down where the inmate is really located. I have two friends who are political prisoners and have been in Maricopa County jail, the Arizona State Prison in Tucson, and the federal prison in Tucson. It seems the sadistic guards at all three prisons get their jollies by sending back mail marked with ďThis inmate is no longer at this facilityĒ.

I guess I am a party pooper because when I send an inmate a letter and it gets returned saying the inmate is no longer in that jail I file a lawsuit in federal court suing the warden and prison mail handlers for civil rights violations per U.S.C. 42 ß1983.

I plan to file a law suit against Warden Greg Fizer who runs your Tucson prison. It will be the same as the lawsuit I filed against the Warden Carolyn A. Sabol of the Federal Prison in Tucson. The only difference will be I will change the names of the two inmates in that prison to the one inmate in your Tucson prison. And of course in your lawsuit I will add 14th Amendment violations because by definition federal government officials canít violate a personís 14th Amendment right only state government officials like you can.

Maybe to prevent more lawsuits like this you will tell the sadistic guards that process the mail in all your Arizona prisons to deliver the mail to the inmates instead of returning it the sender.

One other good reason is I have sent a copy of the lawsuit to my friend in your prison and these lawsuits are very easy to file and who knows the inmates in your prison could start filing them against you if you continue to jerk around their mail. The lawsuit is only 5 pages long and even a monkey could cut and paste the 6 lines that need to be changed to make a new copy of the lawsuit. And I donít think you can jerk the inmates around for filing a case in Federal Court like you can jerk them for filing a case in the Arizona courts.



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