Mike writes Kevin about Duress


I got your letter that said you might actually get to cop a plea for a crime you didn’t commit and get out of jail. I guess that sounds good if you say “gee the bastards only illegally jailed you for on year instead of 10 years”. Even though in both cases the only criminals are the government thugs at the federal, county, and city levels.

But before you cop a plea let me ask you one question. Are you doing it under duress?

Yes I know they are not pointing a gun at you and saying take the plea or we will shoot you.

But if you cop a plea will it be under duress? After all they have jailed you in a cage by yourself for almost a year, and if you sign a piece of paper that says “yes I did it” to get out of your hell hole that sounds like duress to me.

And of course they are waving the threat of jailing you for from 7 to 20 years. And possibly from 21 to 60 years if convicted and you serve then consecutively. Hell that is the rest of your life or at least a big chunk of it. Is it duress if you sign a little piece of paper saying “yes I did it” and you get out of jail now and remove the possibility that they could jail you for the next 7 to 60 years?

Judge Buttrick in a different thread about the singer Neil Diamond whom Judge Buttrick sentenced said that the cops very often over charge people with much worse crimes then they committed. While I don’t think you’re guilty of anything you have said they might be able to convict you on several lesser charges. Is that duress if you cop a plea to remove the threat of being convicted on stuff that you were over charged on? Personally I think you’re under duress to cop a plea. If a mean bully told me I had to kiss his ass to get out of being beat up I would do it under duress.

To be honest I view the criminal justice system as kind of like Las Vegas. When you go to Las Vegas you almost always lose. Las Vegas isn’t rigged but the odds are set to cause 99% of the people to lose. Sure 1 percent of the people that go to Vegas win but that is abnormal.

I think the criminal justice system is just like Las Vegas. Sure they have a big rule book that says it’s fair but that is a lie. The system is rigged. The cops lie. The prosecutors lie. They try to stack the juries so you will only get dummies who will rubber stamp what the government says. Hell even the judges lie and deny people their rights Maybe Judge Buttrick doesn’t but the other judges do. Look at Ray Krone he did 10 years for a murder he didn’t do. In one of his trials the Judge said Ray Krone looked innocent but still locked him up.

Also you get shitty lawyers. And many of the public defenders think you’re a criminal and want to help the system jail you. Now if you were like OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson or the guy on Barretta you could hire a lawyer to tilt the criminal justice system and make it more fairer, but still it would be stacked against you.

Now after I said all of that negative shitty stuff do you feel like you are under duress to cop a plea?? I know they ain’t pointing a gun at you but there are other ways to cause duress.

Of course if you cop a plea you will be forced to sign a form saying you are not under duress.




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