Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Maricopa County Jail

26 February 2005

Dear Mike,

Thanks for all your news updates. I don't know if Valhalla has pot, but there is feasting and drinking all night long and combat during the day. To qualify you have to die with a weapon in your hands, something that almost happened to me on 21 June last.

I have not met Patrick Bearup, but he is living in house 6-3, the psychiatric unit, which is on my floor. I'm in house 6-1, a closed custody unit. Both of these units are on the sixth floor of the jail. 6-3 is the worst hell hole in this jail. It is infested with cockroaches. People there are not allowed books, commissary, or other objects. When I was there, I was not even allowed a toothbrush. When I was first admitted, I was not even allowed a jail uniform. I had to sleep naked on a mat on the floor with only a small suicide blanket. Inmates who are deemed dangerous to themselves or others are chained to bed with all four limbs shackled. There is no doubt in my mind that Bearup is there for retaliation.

My toe is doing better. It is still with a deformed toenail, but the wound has closed. It no longer requires medical care.

They are still giving me daily doses of risperidone and cogentin. The drugs don't seem to have any effect on me.

I have been examined by a psychiatrist, Dr. Franzetti, and by a psychologist, Dr. Patrusso. Dr. Franzetti is sure I'm competent to stand trial. I am not sure of Dr. Patrusso's opinion of my competency to stand trial.

Ms. Stewart says no offer of a plea bargain has been made. I told her I would be willing to accept a misdemeanor. She doubts any offer would be that good. She thinks the prosecution could get me convicted of resisting arrest, a class six felony.



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