Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

19 February 2005

Dear Mike,

Thank you for writing. My trial has been postponed indefinitely while I am tested for mental competence to stand trial. A psychiatrist and a psychologist have been appointed for this purpose, but neither one has visited me yet. My competency hearing is scheduled for 22 March, so I assume they will have examined me by then.

Thanks for resending my letter to Laro. I received one letter from him in mid-December but nothing since. Maybe he has been instructed that he may not write to a fellow jailbird.

The food here isn't good, but it isn't completely horrible either. It sustains life.

Good luck on your run for governor. I hope to be released soon enough to help you get signatures.

There were some strange developments here this past week. Monday night the guards discovered something wrong with an inmate's cell door, so they cancelled visitation for everyone. In protest of this, one inmate floodid his cell. (I guess he blocked his toilet and flushed repeatedly.) The flood water entered my cell and probably several others. Then the guards locked us down for a day. We were finally allowed a brief period out of our cells on wednesday. Normally we take turns being allowed out one hour each day. That's when we can shower and use the telephone.

I'm glad you can work again. It must be quite a relief.



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