Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Maricopa County Jail

22 January 2005

Dear Mike,

Thank you for the newsletters. I tried to write Laro, but my letter was sent back as "unauthorized inmate to inmate correspondance." Please tell him what happened. Here it's against the rules to write another MCSO inmated, but the rules don't say anything about writing to state or federal inmates.

Finally, three weeks after my initial complaint, a doctor examined my ingrown toenail. He doesn't think amputation will be necessary and told me to bathe the toe in hydrogen peroxide-water solution. He said he would examine it again in two weeks.

I don't get the impression that Auvenshine dislikes you. He seems to think you are an eccentric and that you stress unimportant matters. He did say you were philosophically a Libertarian.

My next court date is the 27th. I will have to speak out against my own lawyer's motion to have me screened for competence to stand trial. This will delay my trial for months.



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