Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Maricopa County Jail

25 December 2004

Dear Mike,

I am going to take a gamble that this is your true address. I received two letters from there and two from my home address. Thank you very much for the updates. I'm sure Laro also appreciates them.

I am able to get some news here, as one of the inmates has a subscription to the Arizona Republic, and it gets passed around from cell to cell after he's through with it. I also listen to NPR on my radio.

I read that Harold Fish's lawyer is trying to get his case remanded to the grand jury. My lawyer is also trying to get my case remanded. What I don't like is that she wants to do a Rule 11 screening to determine my competency to stand trial. I have no doubt as to my competency, and this can only delay my trial.

I will have to stay here for the duration. My lawyer, Jennifer Stewart, sought a reduction in the bail, but the judge denied it, so my bail remains at $108,000. My mother considered getting a home equity loan to cover the cost, but changed her mind when she realised that the money could be forfeit if I were convicted and fined. It's more than she can afford to lose.

Both Ms. Stewart and my mother have custody of my medical records, but neither wants these records published on the internet. I have not had a chance to review them, so I have no idea what they say about me.

I received a letter from Laro in Tucson. He says conditions there are better than here in Madison. They don't have the heat on here. The temperature in my cell fluctuates with the weather outside. One week ago it was warm, and now it is cold.

My trial is scheduled for 10 February. I don't know whether and by how much this Rule 11 nonsense will delay matters.



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