Down and Dirty Justice by County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas

  Kevin Walsh
PO16319 4E403
Fourth Avenue Jail
201 S. 4th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ


I have mentioned a book called "Down and Dirty Justice" by Gary T Lowenthal in a prior letter. At the Phoenix Library it is call number 345.79173 L952d. Gary Lowenthal is a teacher at the ASU College of Law and took a year long sabbatical and worked for the Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office for free while ASU paid him. He said the way the prosecutors operate is much like the crooked used or new car salesmen using every means to shake every dollar out of the wallet of their customers. And now your case is taking on that used car lot salesman mentality. While Mr. Gary Lowenthal thinks that he is a freedom fighter for the public, and many socialists like Kyrsten Sinema probably agree with him, folks like us probably think that he is an asshole for creating a bigger police state.

If you remember in a prior letter I told you that they would not cut you a deal and their plea bargain would be to ask you to save the taxpayers the expense of putting you on trial and ask you to plead guilty to be a good citizen. This was based Gary Lowenthal’s statement in his book that it was Rick Romley’s policy not to give plea bargains to any one who used a gun in their crime. I was wrong on specific item, but I was right in that is the direction they are taking.

At your first plea bargain hearing the bastards had no intention whatsoever of offering you a “plea” where you would get out of jail for the time you have served. That offer was a used car salesman’s sham offer to get your hopes up and make you willing to accept a poor quality offer you would have never originally accepted. Of course the bastards never intended to give you the first offer. If they had the prosecutor would have approved it with her boss before offering it with you. Why the hell did she waste your time, your attorney’s time, and the judge’s time to make you an offer that she couldn’t give you? Well the reason was like a crooked used car salesmen she wants to con you into accepting a shitty 5 year’s in jail and the first offer was just the “bait” part of the “bait and switch” tactic. The shitty offer they gave you of 5 years was the “switch” part of the “bait and switch” tactic. While Gary T Lowenthal may be an asshole he is right that Rick Romley and the new asshole Andrew P. Thomas that replaced him run the Maricopa County Prosecutors office is more like a bunch of crooks on a used car lot trying to shake down people for all of their money instead a court looking for justice for people who are accused of crimes.

Hell 5 years. That is only two years short of the minimum sentence the judge could give you if you’re convicted. And it is not like you’re a fucking threat to the community. If I am correct you have never been arrested before or convicted of any other crimes? Sure you got some weird ideas. But lots of people got weird ideas. I am a libertarian and am crazier then a hoot owl.

Your address change? Siva Patel e-mailed 1,700 media contacts telling them about your case. He also sent the same e-mail to 700 letters to the editor around the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world. Maybe the change was because your mom complained, maybe because a few people mailed you letters. Out of the 2,400 letters I suspect a couple of the people will try to contact you.

Jesus Christ Sheriff Joe will fuck you over any way he can. He goes from a shitty low tech jail with cockroaches to a modern high tech jail with a telecommunication visiting systems that doesn’t work and showers with low water pressure and he takes your radios away from you too. My gosh, your lawyer says it is worse then death row! Joe is really an asshole. Did you know that password I gave you was his home address? Perhaps you should pass that address around.

So the one of the cops is committing perjury now and lying saying that you got your pistol out and pointed it at him. Hell, I have read those police reports over 9 or 10 times and almost know them by heart. In the police reports all of the pigs clearly say they wrestled with you and finally handcuffed you. Not once did the pigs say you got your gun out. Nor did the police reports say you pointed your gun at the cops. In fact one cop said in the report that he had a gun shoved point blank up against your body and that he was going to kill you if you got you gun out of the holster. He used cop slang to say it and said “he was going to give you a “contact wound” if you got your gun loose”. I know that for a fact because I didn’t know what the hell a “contact wound” was and had to ask the folks on the gun list server what a “contact wound” was. They told me, and I later confirmed it when I looked it up on the internet that a “contact wound” is when a person puts a gun right up to the persons body and shoots them. “Contract wounds” are real gruesome because the dirt, dust and gas from the gunpowder gets mixes us with the flesh and blood in the wound.

I didn’t know the cops testified at your first trial but I guess that is good because now you have evidence that they are changing their stories.

My gosh, people wonder why we hate pigs. The bastard that falsely arrested is now telling the court lies trying to keep you in jail the rest of your life.

Perhaps you should consider filing a civil lawsuit against the Secret Service thug Ray LaBlue. That asshole is clearly quoted several times in the Phoenix Police reports of telling the Phoenix cops that you “made a threat against the life of the president of the united states”. I know damn well he doesn’t have a shred of evidence that you did. If he did I am sure that he would have charged you with a federal crime of threatening the life of the president.


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