Letters from Marc Hoy in Tucson



Dear Mike,

THANKS for going through all the extra work and hassle! It's great it's all on the way. It'll definitely help me sell the thing. When this thing finally sees print, I'll make sure you get a copy.

Right now I'm waiting on some cash from an old 401K I paid into. When it comes through, I'll send you some cash, so you can enjoy a night on the town (or whatever!)

Laro is doing well--I'll show the photos--I'm sure he'll get a laugh out of it.

As for myself, I'm staying strong--my current book--The Nature of Religion (a critical analysis) is going well--I'm in the early stages of the second draft. Hand written, but engaging.

Thanks again for everything! I'll drop you a line if something newsworthy happens.

In the meantime, stay safe, and watch out for pigs!

Your Friend,



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