Letters from Marc Hoy in Tucson


Marc Hoy
Reg. #99733-012
FCI Tucson
8901 S. Wilmot Road
Tucson, AZ


Dear Mike;

Iím the Law Librarian here at the prison, & I have access to typewriters, which donít cost anything. Thereís no access to computers Ė The ancient set they let inmates use is strictly for GED classes; and donít allow printing Ė so no letter writing on computers is possible. The software is garbage anyway; & it wouldnít work for word processing.

On the book Ė itsí an analysis of religion from 3 perspectives Ė historical, phenomenological, and sociological. I approach the subject from a scholarly, skeptical perspective. Though Iím sort of a Taoist / Animist (pagan, really), Iím not an atheist but I do understand & am sympathetic to their views. Iím very critical of what religions have done & been used for; & the book breaks down religion in the same way Machiavelli analyzed politics & power in The Prince.

Iím definitely a freethinker; w/ agnostic tendencies. Thanks for the address in Phoenix Ė I may write them when my MS is farther along. Iím in the middle of the 3rd draft Ė of at least 4, and possibly 5 drafts total. A lot of work remains to be done. If Iím lucky, Iíll be finished in the Spring of í06.

Iíd be willing to talk to the Phoenix & Tucson Atheist groups, though honestly they (the Feds) are very laid back about religion. Norse, Pagan, Wicca, Indian/Native religions all have access to the chapel here; & the Christian sects are no more favored than others (though they are given easier passes inside, while the Islamic Imam went thought Hell to get inside. To be fair, the Buddhist Monk got his pass easily).

Give my best to Laro Ė take care of yourself, & write back soon. Send the Tucson Atheist group address if itsí convenient .

Your Friend,



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