Letters from Marc Hoy in Tucson

  Marc Hoy
Reg. #99733-012
FCI Tucson
8901 S. WIlmot Road
Tucson, Az


Dear ??????,

This morning I served the warden with your papers. She was a little pissed, but not particularly upset. Hell, she probably gets sued every other day! Anyway, at best she knows her mail room clowns are not completely at liberty to destroy mail.

Not much else to report. Im a third of the way through my 3rd draft of my book Nature of Religion (about 350 pages) Hopefully there will only be one more draft will see. But, the work is looking good & I stay busy.

Give my best to Laro; & take care of yourself.

Good luck in all your endeavors.

Your Friend


A while ago I asked Marc if he would be willing to server the warden (Carolyn A. Sabol) with my lawsuit which will sue here for messing with the mail I sent Marc and Laro. He mailed me back and said he would be glad to.

After I made the final draft of the lawsuit I made three copies of it and sent one to the warden, one to Laro, and one to Marc. Marc probably thought that copy was me asking him to serve the warden. It wasnt. I have to file the lawsuit before the warden can be served with it and I have not filed the lawsuit yet.

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