R. Hardesty, ISO 01/25/06

No you can't ask Laro about the prison locks! No! No! No!

The censored letter said:
Hey Laro what kind of locks do they use in your prison? Do they use pin tumbler wehre the keys looks like:

or perhaps ward locks where the keys look like the keys from very old locks such as:

when I was in sheriff joes jail they used ward locks.

if you know what your doing pin tunblem locks are fairly easy to open. if you dont know what your doing cheep or old worn pin tumbler locks are also easy to open. But if you don't know what your doing, or not very skilled high quality pin tumbler locks are hard to open by raking.

ward locks are also easy to open. but to make a pick for a ward lock its much harder then making a pick for a pin tumbler lock. I suspect thats why they have ward locks in prisons & jails. because the inmates dont have access to the tools to make the picks.

but if you have the tools picks or even keys are easy to make for ward locks. for that matter if you have a blank key, a file, pliers, and some wax or dye or smoke you can make a key to a pin tumbler lock. Its looks like magic but its based on sound physics. the technique is called "impressioning". look it up on the internet when you get out.


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