Letters Laro

  Laro Nicol
FCI Tucson
Reg. #80430-008
8901 South Wilmot Road
Tucson, Arizona 85706

10 May 2005

Dear Mike,

I have to admit, I am greatly appreciative of your efforts as it relates to the mail issue. I really don't know if the returned mail is a result of intentional interference with the mail or just straight up incompetence. It could, of course, be a combination of the two. I do know that if I made an effort to confront these idiots from the inside, I would get nowhere. To speak the truth or to ask why a policy or proceedure is not applied consistently is punished, or retaliation is known to occur.

Today I was sitting back on my bunk reading a political satire. Next to my locker sat about 12 rolls of toilet paper. At the beginning of each month 5 rolls of toilet paper are left in our cells. This is our monthly allotment. I usually have some left over. Well we just received our allotment, 10 rolls for two inmates, plus leftovers. Mr. Miller, a skinny, constantly frowning pretender and bully staff member asked me who issued the toilet paper. I told him I didn’t know, it gets left here. He pressed me for an answer, the truth was obviously not good enough for him. He implied that I was somehow in violation of some unknown rule about “hoarding” toilet paper. Nothing I’ve seen or heard in here compels me to believe any rule is applied with consistency. Well any, Mr. Miller pressed me, and again I said I didn’t know who issues the toilet paper. This time I included the phrase “wouldn’t it be your responsibility to know who issues this toilet paper”. He glared at me and said something about “crossing him”. How could stating the obvious be in any way an attempt to anger him? His inability to control himself is his problem, not mine. I certainly don’t appreciate being spoken to and treated like a child. I wouldn’t talk to my kids like that. I make every effort to avoid interaction with staff, but some of these assholes just can’t leave well enough alone.

I enjoyed the stats you provide for me. It certainly comes as no surprise to see the percentages as represented by the federal prison population. I believe you said it best when you stated this is a big jobs program. I spoke with Mark and told him to write to you. Since the prison also returned a letter you wrote to him, it would seem that you are being singled out and violated. Sue the shit out of these fuckers! They are way too smug and self-righteous.

As far as Kosher meals go, I believe the main requirement is that the meals are parve. I believe that has something to do with the meals being prepared independently of any diary products. To be completely honest, it's a decent job to have inside these walls, so I don't really have a complete understanding of the USBOP policies as they relate to these meals. Prison staff seem to keep forgetting to send me the memos explaining their actions.

I saw on the news today that a pig in North Phoenix got popped. My heart goes out to the community. Until whole precints go away, the balance of the universe will not be put right. Kind of like last August 25 on the first anniversary of the Mesa P.D. murder of Mario Madrigal, Jr., while we demonstrated in front of the Mesa P.D., two Phoenix pigs got popped storming the apartment of a pig wanna be. The universe working to balance itself.

I really enjoyed the article on Arpaio from the New Times. (I'm being lazy.) (I'm still agitated by the way that asshole Miller spoke to me.) I also was very thrilled to receive the copies of the two letters you sent to the warden. Something like that inspires and encourages. I showed them to Mark, who was also duly impressed.

I am so bored. The highlight of the day is when I get mail, and I usually do, lots. I've heard from two other people that their mail has been returned. One is Kelly Facto at the Rosenberg Fund for Children, the other a cartoonist friend, Matt Becker. Both those mailings indicated I was not at this address.

Keep up the presure, my friend. Anything that happens in these places comes from pressure from the outside. To them, we don't exist as people. your support is important. Thanks.

In Struggle,



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