A letter from Kevin to Laro Nicol in federal prison

15 January 2005

Dear Laro,

Happy New Year to you, such as it is. My captors are bringing in the new year with medical neglect. I have developed an ingrown toenail with a sore oozing with blood and pus, and the only thing they will do for it is apply neosporin and a band aid. It took a week for them to do that much. They told me that every day they have 500 inmates on sick call and only get to see 100 to 150 of them. I replied that if this is the case they obviously need to hire more staff.

My lawyer tells me my next court date will be the 27th, when the judge will rule on her motion to remand my case to the grand jury and her motion to have me evaluated for competency to stand trial. The latter motion is being made against my wishes, as I know I am competent and it will needlessly delay my trial. Ms. Stewart evidently has her doubts about my sanity and competence. She has also mentioned the possibility of a defense of guilty-but-insane. I told her I object to that kind of defense. She said she might be able to conduct such a defense anyway but that she thinks for now that I'm innocent. She says she can't see how it's assault if I never got my pistol completely out of the holster but that other lawyers disagreed with her. Needless to say, I won't be going to trial on schedule on 10 February.

My mother sent someone to conduct clergy visits with me. He was a Protestant Bible- thumper who was into creation science." I would have expected my mother to send a Catholic priest if she wanted to convert me. Sammy the skinhead on the other hand, wants me to worship Odin. He admits he's not likely to get into Valhalla if he dies by lethal injection. He goes to triel for the murder of Cole Bailey, Jr., who was killed outside a north Phoenix pool hall in October 2002. He had been sharing his newspaper subscription with us, but it ended in late December, so now I have only radio for news from the outside world. I have books and have done plenty of reading. Nothing much else happening here.



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