Laro 08/12/05

August 12, 2005

Laro was able to call out this morning 8/12/05. He is currently being held in a transfer facility in North Phoenix. The conditions according to him are abysmal.

He is in a cell (cage) and let out an hour a day to the yard. The white supremacists are a major power where he is. After one day he was threatened for sitting next to a non-white at a meal. Iíve begged him to be careful, but we all know that the supremacistís are the last people he wants to sit with.

The length of his stay is undeterminable. He says transfer out day there is on Thursday, so every Thursday he is there it will be another week. He says there are several people in this facility that are awaiting transfer, and have been for several weeks. I will try to post next Friday if he is still there.

He does not know if he allowed visitors where he is. The guards told him his records may be missing until he gets to Safford. He is going to attempt to see if he can get us on the list, but bureaucracy being what it isÖ.

He says to tell people not to write since he does not know if he will get it, or if it will be forwarded. Plus he has no supplies; all his things were transferred to Safford. I say: If you are willing to take a chance, and send him a short note, and a SASE that may or may not make it to him, please do. If he receives mail it will brighten his existence.

Thank-you for your thoughts and prayers.


Federal Correctional Facility Phoenix
Laro Nicol #80430-008
37910 N 45th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85086

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