Laro 03/04/05

4 March 2005

Dear Mike,

I wanted to let you know that I have been receiving your articles. As far as I can tell, nothing has been censored or removed by the Gestapo that screens my mail. In fact the mail room folks have been relatively descent. They must have a tight-ass fascist boss that comes in on occasion and gets them uptight. My wife sent a packet of typed and printed material. I didn't get it for two weeks after it was postmarked. The prison set on it for at least a week and a half before finally delivering it to me.

I really enjoyed your letter about the different religions and the experiences you had involving their proponents. The last letter you sent that contained the story about critical mass and the Tempe pigs from the Indy Media website was great. I really appreciate these stories and the way in which you are helping me to stay informed. Doing that in a place like this can be a daunting task. Since this prison world is so small, people have a tendency to focus on the trivial. I have noticed that I do attract people to me who wish to discuss the broader issues as they relate to the overall concept of the police-state culture.

I am taking a Spanish class being taught by one of the inmates. We just started, so don't expect any discussions in Spanish anytime soon.

It is late, and I am getting tired. Please give my regards to Kevin. Be sure and let all the members of Copwatch know that I will always stand in solidarity with them. Stay safe and take care.



Subsumed was the inferiority of the masses who stood very little chance of progressing in a society in which all the institutions repressed them.

From: Latin America/A Concise Interpretive History, by E. Bradford Burns

Free Kevin Walsh