Laro 02/17/05

Laro tells Mike to write this guy

Thomas Marc Hoy
FCI Tucson
8901 South Wilmot Road
Tucson, Arizona

Laros Letter of Jan 11, 2005

Please note the idiots at the post office returned this letter and laro had to send it to me via two third parties.

11 January 2005


Believe it or not, I attempted to write once before, and the letter was returned "no one by that name at this address" Senor Frogface. So I'm happy this one gets to you. I'll address your questions.

1) Please continue mailing the news articles. I didn't find them depressing at all. I find them informative and interesting. The other inmates enjoy the stories about the asshole pigs.

2) I can read the font.

3) I am forced to do slave labor. I am paid a gratuity of $12.00 a month in order not to be classified as a real slave. Pretty slick, these feds. What amazes me is the constant barrage of propaganda about work and jobs. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mike, but didn't I have gainful professional employment before I was targeted and unjustly detained? So what the hell can I possibly gain from them trying to teach me to be a productive member of society?

4) As far as I can tell, none of my mail has been censored. Though I cannot guarantee that it is not monitored and read.

5) Please continue with the Spanish material. There are an unusually large number of Mexican nationals in here. It is good to have something to share.

6) I'm hanging in there, Mike. Yeah, life sucks in here. My status as a political prisoner holds some weight with some prisoners, and none whatsoever with others. I miss my family terribly. There is not joy in here, only tedium with the expectation of more! No computer access. Anything that you put on the web page will have to come from typed sources.

I have been told I will be released in early April 2006. Something to look forward to!

I look forward to receiving my long hand e-mail. Keep up the good fight, and keep those bastard pigs at bay.

In struggle and solidarity,


[Laro Nicol was released to a halfway house on 14 April 2006. He was not allowed access to the internet or to go anywhere that had access to the internet. He is not allowed to contact other convicted felons, so I only learned this by an e-mail from his wife. --Kevin Walsh]

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