Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

A Day in the Life


6 July 2005

Dear Ganesh,

I have indeed written to you since 29 May. You posted my letter in your letter of 29 June addressed to Laro and me.

One letter addressed to me was sent back because it allegedly contained "unauthorized material," though what kind of unauthorized material was not specified.

I am scheduled to go on trial on the 12th. No new plea bargain has been offered, and I won't sign one which has me admit to something I didn't do.



5 July 2005


I believe the last letter I sent to you was the one in May. My apologies for the amount of time that elapses between letters. It is difficult to explain the range of emotions I experience on a daily basis.

From the time I am awakened in the morning until I try and go to sleep about 9:30, I experience a whole gamut of emotions. Sometimes I am angry, sometimes sad, and at other times, I just feel like hiding out and guarding what bit of stability remains. That stability evolves around my being able to balance the daily routine against my emotional dynamics.

Writing doesn't always come easy. At times I am inspired to detail every feeling and sensation. I need to rant and rave and vent my fury at this unjust imprisonment. I rail against the bastards who have done this to my family and myself. I anguish over the destruction of my family's stability. These things, and many more take place within my heart and mind each and every day. I can't always sit and write. It sometimes takes an incredible effort.

I appreciate getting your mail Mike. I have the articles and have been sharing them with others. I am always sure to share them with Marc as well. he asked me to say hello to you. The pieces you send keep me informed and up to date with what is going on in the real world. The world outside of here.

Hey, just so you know. The warden here has very few fans. The inmates hold her in very low regard. The C.O.s bitch about her constantly. (I even hear their conversations.) She is really ratehr incompetent and condescending. Her attitude is one of false concern and aloofness. I watch her during the day when she is micromanaging the chow hall. Those are the times I become angry!

I'm enclosing a commissary slip. Prices and products change routinely, but it would seem we've got it a little better than Arpaio's victims.

Peace and Solidarity,


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