Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

  This is a notarized release from Kevin Walsh asking the Secret Service to release all the iinformation they have in their files, and records for a Freedom of Information Request to:
**** ******
Tempe, Arizona
I Kevin Walsh was arrested by the Phoenix Police around June 21, 2004 at the request of Secret Service Agent Ray LeBeau who had the Phoenix Police arrest me and jail me at a Mesa psychiatric hospital after Agent Ray LeBeau falsely accused me of threatening the life of the President. This should be enough information for the Secret Service to locate all the records they have on my case.

Signed: Kevin Walsh
Date Signed: 4/14/05
Notarized by:Lucille Kobel:

Signed by: Lucille Kobel
Notary Public-Arizona
Maricopa County
My Comm. Expires 1/14/2006
Date Notarized: 14 April 2005

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