Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

Don't know much about the Mexican Mafia!


Kevin Walsh
ADC #197573
Arizona State Prison Complex Tucson
6 B4 Rincon
PO Box 24403
Tucson, AZ 85734

Dear Ganesh,

Thank you for writing. I have received your letter. Happy New Year!

The commissary here has not advertised 39 cent stamps or two cent stamps, so I have double-stamped this letter in anticipation of the rate increase. I also overpay for my international letters, as the commisary has discontinued 80 cent stamps.

I apologize for neglecting to answer your question about the Mexican Mafia and other Mexican prison gangs. I don't know how the Mexicans here are organized, and I suspect that if I asked a Mexican inmate, he might get suspicious of me or take offense. I will try to discretely obtain an answer to your querry, however. I have heard that they are organized, but I don't know who runs the show. I have heard, however, that the Blacks here are not organized and come from a variety of gang backgrounds, including the Crips and the Bloods.

As to the fate of my .45, if the Phoenix Police follow proper proceedure, they should auction it off to the public. It would not surprise me, however, if an individual cop kept it as his personal property.

Interesting about aluminium chaff. I read somewhere that the U.S. Air Force uses chaff to short out the power of countries it bombs. I suppose you could use a cable dangling from a balloon, but it would probably only short out one power line before it either became entangled or the excess electricity melted the wire. I suppose if you used a lot of balloons with cables you could do more damage.

Interesting about the Tempe buses running out of compressed natural gas. This "green" fuel seems considerably more troublesome than conventional diesel.

I think this business of the bus driver or computer yelling out the correct stop is to help the blind. Strange that the software can't get it right.




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