Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison


Kevin Walsh
ADC #197573
Arizona State Prison Complex Tucson
6 B4 Rincon
PO Box 24403
Tucson, Az 85734

12 December 2005

Dear Ganesh,

Thank you for your latest news summary particularly for the stuff about David Irving. That was very informative. I also found your lawsuit paper work interesting. So it seems you intend to sue ADOC because they sent one of your letters to me back.

My cellmate saw your letters and wonders why you put your postage stamps on upside down. I am curious also. Is it symbolic of something?

We have been on lockdown here for more than a week. I hear conflicting reports from guards as to when it will end. Some say in a few days. Others say it will be more than one month. The only official news as to a reason is that there was an escape attempt on Saturday the 3rd, but I have heard many rumors. I have heard that there is a murder investigation. I have heard there were riots in Houses 3 and 5. I have heard that many inmates will be transferred to other yards. I have heard that many inmates’ jobs will be eliminated. These have not been officially confirmed, however.

There is no recreation, no library service and no work. They only let us out of our cells for showers and phone calls, and then only into the hall. All food is brought to us. Mail and garbage are collected directly from our cells.

My mother, not knowing of the lockdown, came to visit on the 4th, but was turned away. I had no way to call her in time. The guard told me she had been called, but she wasn’t. I told her she should seek compensation for her travel expenses from ADOC. She says she will try to see me before Christmas, but I don’t know if that will be possible.

Since I cannot leave the cell, I have stopped shaving, in violation of DOC policy, and grown a beard. I do not know what they will do to me after the lockdown ends for doing this. If the rumors of drastic job cuts are true, I may not have my inmate job anyway.

Thanks for telling me about the anti-war demonstration. I hope activism picks up more, because this war is going nowhere.




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