Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

A Phoenix postmark on a letter mailed from a Tucson Prison???


Some of Kevin's and Laro's letters have been getting odd postmarks. Since Kevin is jailed in Tucson, Arizona you would expect his letters to have a Tucson postmark. And since Laro is jailed in Safford, Arizona you would expect Laro's letters to have a Safford Postmark or the postmark of the nearest major city to Safford. But oddly both Laro's and Kevin's letters sometimes have PHOENIX postmarks?

Why? I don't know!

I asked one dim-bulbed postal clerk, and she said that Safford and Tucson are subrubs of Phoenix and thus the mail is processed by the Phoenix Postal Center. Duh!!!!! Lady Tucson is not a surburb of Phoenix!! Tucson is 100 miles south of Phoenix. Safford is not a surburb of Phoenix either. It is almost on the New Mexico border while Phoenix is in central Arizona!


Two of Kevin's Letters

One has a Phoenix postmark the other a Tucson postmark

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