Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

Warden Martinez makes up a lame lie about the missed mail delivery


Hmmmmm..... If Warden Martinez can get the mail delivered to the inmates in this Arizona State Prison a day before it is mailed I bet Laro who is in a Federal prison can get the U.S. Post Office to deliver the mail to him before it is even written.

Kevin Walsh
ADC #197573
Arizona State Prison Complex Tucson
6 B4 Rincon
PO Box 24403
Tucson, AZ 85734

20 November 2005

Dear Ganesh,

Enclosed is a ridiculous explanation by Deputy Warden Martinez for the failure of the staff to deliver Saturday’s mail. Supposedly, the staff is getting the United States mail ahead of schedule. It is Sunday today, so perhaps by that logic they can give us Monday’s mail today.

Today we had early morning recreation. The weather was cool and very windy, and Tom, my cellmate wanted to wear his sweatshirt on the recreation field for warmth. For some strange reason, however, the guard refused to let him wear it.

We have completed the four-page inmate newspaper for the Rincon yard. It awaits the approval of the deputy warden, and then it must be photocopied. Whether we will have a second edition is a bit doubtful at this state, since our computer crashed and rebooting doesn't seem to solve the problem. It's an old system with DOS 3.0 and disk errors. Mr Holler, the programs director, is trying to use the newsletter as justification for getting us new computers. Right now the programs department records are kept the old-fashioned way, by hand and on paper.

Mr. Holler told me that the Secret Service still wants to talk to me. I told him I have nothing to say to them.



[a letter Kevin Walsh received about a mail delivery screw up]


There has been some confusion regarding mail delivery on 11/19/2005. The following is a result of a review of the circumstances regarding the confusion. There was a double pickup of mail by Rincon staff on 11/17/2005. This mail was not broken down and subsequently mail for Thursday 11/17 and Friday 11/18 was delivered on 11/17/2005.

Mail scheduled for delivery on 11/19 was delivered on 11/18/2005 which led to the concern there was no mail delivered on 11/19/2005. Our unit was a day ahead of delivering mail.

I apologize for this confusion and hope this alleviates your concerns.

[SIGNED by R Martinez ]

ADW Martinez


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