Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

Some slaves get holidays off & Major Helicopter Joe


Kevin Walsh
ADC #197573
Arizona State Prison Complex Tucson
6 B4 Rincon
PO Box 24403
Tucson, Az 85734

11 November 2005

Dear Ganesh,

Thank you for your latest news update. I hope all is well with you.

There was some trouble here this week. Tom, my cellmate, was caught Sunday night with a small quantity of marijuana, while he was cleaning the staff dining hall. The guards searched the cell but didn’t find anything here. The prison authorities considered criminally charging Tom with promotion of prison contraband, a more serious charge then pot possession on the outside, but since Tom is already doing a life sentence, they decided against it.

Instead they locked him down for 72 hours, fired him from his inmate job, and told him he would lose his television for 30 days.

Ironically as he was losing his inmate job, I got a new inmate job. I had been shower sanitizer for the run, but the programs coordinator, Mr. Holler, asked me to be a programs clerk, and I accepted. I get a small pay raise, from 35 cents and hour to 45 cents an hour, and now I work about eight hours a day instead of one. I have weekends off and since today is Veterans Day, I have today off too.

My main duties are conducting data entry, assisting with inmate programs, and helping to put together a new prison newsletter. Mr. Holler has decided the newsletter will be called the “Rincon Straight Thoughts” and will be four pages long. I’ll try to send you a copy when we’ve finished it.

I have an interesting co-worker. His name is Joseph Chiappetta (inmate #161479 DOB 01/22/1963), but he is know as “Helicopter Joe”, because he’s in here for stealing a helicopter. It was a civilian helicopter stolen from an aviation company in Marana, northwest of Tucson. Joe had plenty of money, so I don’t know why he stole the helicopter. He says it’s a long story.

Joe was a major in the army and served in Pamama And Iraq. After he retired from the army he became a real estate broker.




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