Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

Smoking in prison, Tom punches out a guard in the mess hall


22 October 2005

Dear Ganesh,

Thank you for the news update. I was not aware that the Aryan Brotherhood had a creed.

To answer your questions, no we are not allowed to have matches or lighters, but I am given to understand that some inmates have them anyway. Inmates are not allowed to smoke in their cells. Smoking is permitted outdoors, and there are electric cigarette lighters in several locations outdoors, so inmates often smoke on their way to or from the dining hall or the recreation field.

Thus far I have been unable to obtain a spare commissary list. I will try to obtain one, however.

Tom, my cellmate, tells me that there is racial trouble brewing in this housing unit and that there will be a riot. I have seen no evidence of it, and racial relations here do not appear to be strained.

Yesterday Tom attacked a guard in the dining hall. That is a felony, but because he is already doing a life sentence, they couldnít add any time to his sentence. They could send him to a maximum security prison, but for some reason they did not punish him.

I now have the job of shower sanitizer. The work is easy and only takes me about an hour a day, but we are often out of supplies, and the guards sometimes donít let me out to do my job.

Today I was able to telephone my mother for the first time since Iíve been here. The phone bureaucracy finally cleared me. I canít telephone anyone else, however because one can only call those on oneís visitors list.

My mother visited me two weeks ago, but it was such an ordeal she only thinks she can do it every month. They strip-searched me after the visit.

My health is good. I hope all is well with you.




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