Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

His neighbor deals cocaine in the Arizona State Prison

  I got this letter from someone who sent it by e-mail to a group of people that Kevin know. The contents of that letter follow, and Kevin's letter is after it.

Dear All,

I have transcribed below part of a recent letter from Kevin Walsh.



Kevin's address is:

Kevin Walsh 197573
Arizona State Prison Complex Tucson
Rincon Unit HU6 B4
P.O. Box 24403
Tucson, Arizona 85734

26 September 2005.

My cellmate and I had applied for a cell transfer, but it has been disapproved on the grounds that I have not been here long enough. The friction between us does not seem to be as bad as before. He has a job now and is gone part of the day, allowing me to turn off the television and get some reading done.

This is a violent place. I have witnessed two fights since I have been here. There was a riot in the dining hall one morning shortly after I had breakfast there. A guard was stabbed yesterday.

The Aryan Brotherhood runs this yard. They make the rules to be followed by the white inmates. They tell us where too sit in the dining hall. They monitor all written communication with the prison authorities, even medical requests. They have even told me that they donít want me walking alone on the recreation field and want me to participate in other activities. They charge a tax of one postage stamp per month.

______, an inmate in cell No. __, was entrusted with a quantity of cocaine, which he lost. For a time he feared being attacked by the drug dealers in retaliationfor this, but he has since paid his debt.

Another inmate, ________, was a millionaire on the outside who was given 25 years for fraud. He is only in this high-security yard because he tried to escape. Although he has only served twelve and a half years of his sentence, he says he will be released soon.

There is a scarcity of jobs here and the wages are extremely low, ranging from 10 cents to 45 cents per hour. It is rumored that the sex-offender yard has jobs at minimum wage, but apparently that doesnít apply here.

I am told that since I have a college education, I am eligible to become a teacherís aide, so I have applied for that position.

I have been informed that my release date will be 20 January 2006. This is with good time, so I may have to stay longer if I have disciplinary issues. I havenít had any thus far. Once I am released, I have five years of probation to do. That will also involve psychiatric treatment. I told the psychiatric nurse here that I didnít need any medications, and, thus far I have not received any. I donít notice any change in how I feel from being off my medications.



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