Letters from Kevin Walsh in Arizona State Prison

A government issued photo ID is required to go to meals

  21 September 2005

Dear Mike:

Thank you for writing. Iím glad you now have some work now after quite a long time. I worked a little with UNIX when I was a graduate student, but I have forgotten most of it. Most computer stuff is Greek to me now.

I remember when I moved to Austin, the hotel required my photo I.D. I did not know that some cities have made this law. The police state gets worse every year. I need a state issued photo I.D. just to leave my cell to go eat or go to the recreation field. My I.D. is very simple. It just shows a photograph and a serial number, 197573.

I had though I might be transferred, but Iím told I havenít been here long enough to change cells. Therefore I must put up with my ornery cellmate.

In a way itís a relief, because I found out my supposed future cellmate was involved with a drug deal gone bad and for a while he was afraid of being attacked by the drug dealers. But I think he has settled thing with them now. The Aryan Brotherhood runs this yard, and I think some of them are involved in drug dealing.

There are surprisingly few guards here, and that fits with the news that there is a shortage of corrections officers statewide.

I can often hear the fighter planes from Davis-Monthan. They fly over frequently. There are also good views of the mountains from the yard.

I hope the job works out for you.




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