Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

Dangerous prisoners get air conditioning

  Kevin Walsh
P016319 4F217
Fourth Avenue Jail Phoenix, Az

Dear Ganesh,

I have been moved again. This time it is because my security classification has been lowered. Perhaps they think that taking the plea agreement makes me not quite as dangerous. In my new location I am allowed out of my cell for one hour each day.

The air conditioning at this new jail is vigorous and reliable. I have seldom been uncomfortably warm here. Given what I read about the temperatures on the outside I am glad that I am not in the tent city. Dangerous prisoners like myself can have air conditioning. Petty offenders in tent city must endure the desert heat.

My lawyer says Officer Redmon did indeed suffer a knee injury and had to have surgery for it. I think there was a supplement to the police report that detailed that. My guess is that he tore cartilege by overexerting himself doing some kind of judo maneuver to make me fall down during the struggle. My role was passive, but since I was resisting arrest the technical fault is mine.

Thank you for conveying the greetings from Eric and Ibrahim. I greatly miss corresponding with them.

The other officers did not confirm Redmonís story that my pistol was pointed at them. One officer confirmed that Redmon approved the police report without any mention of that aspect of his story.




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