Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

Kevin accepts a plea agreement

  14 July 2005

Dear Ganish,

I did not go on trial. I chose to accept a plea bargain. I pled guilty to one count of aggravated assault for causing a knee injury to officer Redmon and to one count of disorderly conduct for recklessly handling a weapon. For the aggravated assault I will get probation (one to five years). For the disorderly conduct I will get 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 years in prison. That means I will be locked up for another six months to one year, though Iím not sure where I will be kept.

My lawyer is asking my friends to send her letters to be addressed to Judge Gregory Martin on why I deserve a light sentence. Please send the letters to:

Jennifer Stewart
11 W. Jefferson STE 5
Phoenix, Az 85003
Fax: (602)506-8289
Sentencing will be 8 August, so the letter must have reached her before then.

Magazine articles are considered unauthorized material 1, unless the magazine is sent directly from the publisher. It doesnít matter what the subject matter is. I donít recall having received other pink slips for letters you wrote2, at least not recently anyway.



(1) This refers to a article from the New Times titled ďThunder Road" about Luciano Arriaga Jr. who was screwed over by the Phoenix Police in many ways that Kevin was screwed over. I grabbed the letter off the web, printed it and mailed to Kevin. The people who search Kevinís mail returned it claiming it contained contraband.

(2) I have sent two letters to Kevin that were returned because they contained contraband. The first letter was a very insulting letter which said Sheriff Joeís jail was a gulag which was known internationally for its inhumane conditions. The guards who search Kevinís mail blacked out the insulting parts with a magic marker and returned the letter to me. They didnít bother to tell Kevin that his mail had been returned. I filed a claim with the Maricopa County government claiming I had been damaged and that my civil rights had been violated and asked for the ridiculous claim of $1 million in damages. I suspect when they had returned prior letters they had not been following some jail policy that requires them to notify inmates when they return their mail. My filing a claim probably caused them to fill out a pink slip and give it to Kevin telling him his mail had been returned when they returned the letter to me which had the New Times article ďThunder Road" in it.


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