Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

A Day in the Life

  6 July 2005

Dear Ganesh,

I have indeed written to you since 29 May. You printed my letter in your letter of 29 June addressed to Laro and me.

One letter addressed to me was sent back because it allegedly contained “unauthorized material”, though, what kind of unauthorized material was not specified.

I am scheduled to go on trial on the 12th. No new plea bargain has been offered, and I won’t sign one which has me admit to something I didn’t do.



Just what was the "unauthorized material"? It was a copy of the New Times article where the Phoenix Police f*cked over Luciano Arriaga Jr. In some ways it is very close to how the Secret Service and Phoenix Police have f*cked over Kevin Walsh.

I guess you can use your First Amendment right to send mail to any of the inmates in Sheriff Joe's gulag as long as you don't bad mouth the government.

In the past where Sheriff Joe's thugs returned mail to Kevin they didn't bother to tell Kevin about it. Since then a claim was filed against the Maricopa County Sheriff for violating the civil rights of the sender of the letter when it was returned it looks like Sheriff Joe's thugs are delevering one of the following pink slips to Kevin each time they return his mail.

[I do not approve of the site manager's reference to the Maricopa County Jails as "gulags". I would not insult the Soviet gulag in that way. --Kevin Walsh]


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