Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

  18 June 2005

Kevin Walsh
PO16319 4E403
Fourth Avenue Jail
201 S 4th Avenue
Phoenix, Az

Dear Ganesh,

Your guess is correct, P016319 is my inmate identification number. 4B403 is my location: 4th floor, pod B4, cell 03.

I am unable to supply you with a commissary list, as they are not returned following orders. Our list does not include prices. We have to learn those by trial and error. The packing slip tells how much weíve been charged.

Unlike FCI Tucson (this is where Laro Nicol is jailed - Federal Correctional Institution Tucson) our list does not include underwear and socks, as these are issued by the jail. Our underwear and socks are pink. Our list still includes radios ($31.75), but radios have been banned. (after Sheriff Joe moved them from the Madison Jail to the Fourth Avenue Jail he took their radios away from them). Our list does not include watches, and there are no clocks in here, so we are left to guess the time of day. There is no way for us to earn money in here, so commissary is dependant on having someone on the outside depositing money in our accounts.

Here are some samples of items and costs:

20 stamps $7.401
legal pad $1.50 
golf pencil .10 
pre-stamped envelope .45 
summer sausage log $2.00 
beef jerky $1.25 
mini-doughnuts .75 
pretzel pieces .65 
box of cookies $3.00 
ramen package $1.002
20 oz. soda $1.503
antacid tablet roll .85 
toothbrush .25 

Unlike FCI Tucson we are not allowed pens, scissors, toenail clippers or razors. Razors are distributed thrice weekly but must be returned immediately after use.

My lawyer says she cannot transmit personal correspondence to me, only legal materials, so donít send stuff to her.



1 Isnít it amazing that Sheriff Joe only charges them 37¢ for a 37¢ stamp. You would figure the world's meanest asshole would at least double the price and charge them 74¢ for a 37¢ stamp

2Damn! Sheriff Joe is a rip off artist. He charges $1 for a pack of ramen!!! You can buy that on sale at any Bashes for 10 cents. And when itís not on sale you can buy it for 20 cents! Asshole Joe is charging 5 to 10 times the going market price!

3 Jesus Christ Sheriff Joe youíre a real crook! A $1.50 for a bottle of pop!!!!! Hell the rip off artists at Circle K only charge a $1.20! And at the college I can get a 20 oz. bottle of pop for a $1.


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