Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

  3 May 2005

Kevin Walsh
PO16319 4E403
Fourth Avenue Jail
201 S 4th Avenue
Phoenix, Az

Dear Ganesh,

Yet again my address has changed. This time I have been transferred from cell block 4B to block 4E. The transfer was done because of technical difficulties with the videoconference visitation system. All regular visits are now done by videoconference. There are video booths in a room downstairs and monitors are placed outside our cell doors when we have visits. When I was in 4B my mother would visit, but the audio was poor, and the video only worked one way, so she couldnít see me, and the ďvisitsĒ were like poor quality telephone calls. When my mother complained, rather than correct the problem, they transferred me. It remains to be seen if visits to this location are any better.

One thing that is worse here is the shower. Thereís hardly any water pressure.

My lawyer is allowed to visit in person, though she has to talk through the cell door. She said my conditions were worse than those on death row.

She came by to tell me that instead of disorderly conduct with probation, the stateís official offer was now aggravated assault with five years imprisonment. The reason for the change is that Officer Redmon changed his story and now claims that I got my pistol loose and pointed it at him. This contradicts both the police reports and the testimony of another officer at my civil commitment hearing on 1 July. (This was at Desert Vista Mental Hospital in Mesa, 10 days after Kevin was jailed there by the Secret Service who claimed he threatened the life of President Bush, and was therefore in need of mental treatment Ė the editor)

Ms. Stewart says if the other officers donít back up Redmonís perjury, the plea offer may change. For the time being, though it looks like this is going to trial. I was willing to take the disorderly conduct and probation deal, but Iím not signing away five years of my life for something I didnít do.




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