Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

  28 April 2005

Dear Mike,

I am sorry to hear you can no longer correspond with Laro. It seems absurd that they classify you as an inmate. Thank you for sending that New Times article about Ray Krone.

You are right that the insanity defense is not a “get out of jail free” card. John Hinlkey has been confined to St. Elizabeth’s hospital these past 24 years after being found not guilty by reason of insanity of an attack on Ronald Reagan. They could hold me at the Arizona State Hospital just as long if I were found guilty but insane.

Nothing was settled at the settlement conference except to hold another one Monday, 2 May. The prosecution was inclined to make a deal but needed authorization from her supervisor.

The proposal is to convict of felony disorderly conduct (recklessly handling or displaying my firearm) and give probation. I am inclined to accept that offer if it is officially made and authorized. It will mean I am a convicted felon, but it will get me out of here. I worry about my career as many apartment complexes will not hire convicted felons. If I go to trial, I will probably be convicted of this charge anyway. It’s what is known as a “lesser included offense” of the charge of aggravated assault. I don’t think I was handling my pistol recklessly, but a jury probably will think so.

As to the aggravated assault charge, the prosecution maintains it was attempted suicide-by-cop but contends I intended to threaten the cops with my pistol thus constituting an assault. I maintain I was only going to shoot myself.

No cockroaches here yet, but there will be if we aren’t able to clean our cell floors. At the old jail we could use the broom or the mop from the day room during our hour out. Here we have no access to a day room or a broom or mop. In other hygiene deficiencies they haven’t issued us a change of clothing yet, only new boxers and towels. They have confiscated our radios and failed to order our book orders, so it is boring here.




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