Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

  19 April 2005

Kevin Walsh
PO16319 4B404
Fourth Avenue Jail
201 S. 4th Avenue
Phoenix, Az 85003

Dear Ganesh,

Please make a note of my new address. I was transferred here Friday but did not receive any mail until last night. In fact it took them 54 hours to find a roll of toilet paper for my cell. There is a telephone in an ante-chamber to my cell, but I only have access to it one hour a day. Yesterday I was taken to the shower in handcuffs. They didnít do that at the old jail.

I managed to telephone my lawyer yesterday. She said she would make a motion to get a different judge and to alter my last trial date. She thinks Commissioner French is too partial to the prosecution. Judge Santana was to conduct the trial, but he is away on long-term sick leave.

[While in prison I read in the newspaper that Judge Santana had died of cancer. --Kevin Walsh]

If I refuse to take my drugs, I will be forcibly given injections, so that would not affect my trial. A verdict of guilty-but-insane would result in my being confined to the State Hospital for as long as I would otherwise have been held in prison, so that isnít much of an advantage.

My defense will be simple and straightforward Ė I did not assault any police officers; I only tried to shoot myself. The jury should at least have reasonable doubt that this may have been the case.

I just heard on the radio that Benedict XVI has become the new pope. Heís the first pope to have been a member of the Hitler Youth.



[One hour after I heard that, the guards came to confiscate my radio. Apparently Arpaio wanted every jail inmate's radio confiscated. --Kevin Walsh]


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