Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

Hmmm... Small world! Jason's dad is the prison chaplain!

  Isn't it a small world. The Libertarian Jason who is in New Zealand, his father is the prison chaplain! Wow!

18 January 2006

Dear Ganesh,

Thank you for your last news update, which I received in yesterday's mail. I may not directly contact Laro or I would tell him myself, but would you please send him my profound condolences on the death of his son. It must be particularly hard to lose a family member while incarcerated.

I am sorry to hear that my letters to you have been delayed. In case the one sending you my contact information on the outside has also been lost, here is my information:

Kevin Walsh
5059 N 38th Place
Phoenix AZ 85018-1503
(no e-mail yet}

Again, I am going home Friday the 20th. Today was my last day working as a programs clerk. I will miss that job.

On Monday the skinheads were making some silly jokes about Martin Luther King's birthday being James Earl Ray day. I pointed out to them that James Earl Ray day was 4 April, not 16 January. The Odinists, most of whom were skinheads, arranged through the chaplain to have an Odinist service on the recreation field that morning. I joked with them that they should pray to Odin to admit the soul of Martin Luther King Jr. into Valhalla. I would have liked to have witnessed the ceremony, as I have never seen an Odinist ceremony before, but as I did not know beforehand of it, I could not arrange to go.

I have never met the Rincon Unit's chaplain, but I have learned that his name is, by peculiar coincidence, J. Auvenshine. Perhaps he is related to the Jason Auvenshine we know who is currently in New Zealand. Ask him about it in your next e-mail to him.




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