Letters from Kevin Walsh in the Arizona State Prison

There Is A Delay In Making Two-Cent Stamps Available

  [I must disagree with the site manager's opinion on this subject. First, I have never encountered a guard who was sadistic, either in prison or in the county jail. Most of the jail and prison guards I have encountered have been courteous and professional. A few were a bit surly or overly strict about petty regulations, but in no case did the conduct I encountered among detention officers or corrections officers rise to the level of sadism. The delay in issuing two-cent stamps was inexcusable, it is true, because the postal rate increase was announced months in advance, but I don't believe the fault lies with the warden or the Department of Corrections. DOC has contracted out commissary service, and in September a company called Keefe took over commisary. Keefe was clearly negligent in not issuing the two-cent stamps in a timely manner, but the fault was not with DOC. --Kevin Walsh]

Sadistic prison guards never cease to find new, sadistic and mean methods to punish and torture the inmates.

In this case the U.S. Post Office raised the cost of first class mail from 37 cents to 39 cents and the guards at the Arizona State Prison used that as a means to punish the inmates in the Arizona State Prison.

In a normal world the warden would make sure that the inmates could purchase 2 cents stamps so they can mail their letters with out any problem. Although they are slaves the prisoners do have the right to send mail.

Instead the mean sadistic warden and guards made sure that no 2 cent stamps are available for the inmates to use. That means the inmates must use two 37 cents stamps for a total cost of 74 cents to mail a first class letter instead of 39 cents, causing the inmates to waste 35 cents for each letter sent.

On the letter below Kevin Walsh was force to put two 37 cent stamps on the letter he sent me.

I bet the warden and guards spend long hours thinking up new sadistic and mean things to torture the inmates with.


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