Kevin's lawywer won't stop Sheriff Joe from "losing" Kevins mail

  You would figure that if Sheriff Joe's thugs were stealing and intentionally returning Kevin's mail that his lawyer Jennifer Stewart would help out and try to stop it. But it doesn't look that way.

I guess because the same people who are also trying to jail Kevin pay his lawyer's wages she doesn't represent Kevin very well.

Part of it says

Office of the Public Defender
Maricopa County

June 19, 2005


Re: Kevin Walsh

To Whom It May Concern:


I have returned the letter, and I do hope that Kevin's mail is not being diverted in any. Please contact MCSO if this continues, and I apologize again that I cannot help you.


Jennifer Stewart
Defender Attorney

Law Firm
Luhrs Building
11 West Jefferson, Suite 5
Phoenix, Arizona
FAX (602)506-8289
TT (602)50601646

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