Letters from Kevin Walsh in Maricopa County Jail

  10 March 2005

Dear Ganesh,

[text removed by the webmaster]

...and it may be quite a while before I can use a computer again. I have received my police report from my attorney, but thanks for sending it.

My next court date is 22 March at which my competency to stand trial will be decided. Two doctors have examined me. I do not know if they have submitted their reports to the court yet.

Ms. Stewart says the prosecution has not made a plea bargain offer yet. She doubts I will get off with a misdemeanor, as she thinks there is enough evidence to convict me of resisting arrest, a class six felony.

One item escaped your news reports. Ernst Zundel has been deported from Canada to his native Germany. He is expected to be imprisoned there for Holocaust denial. Twice before he had been unsuccessfully prosecuted under Canada's false news law, but this time he was deported as a danger to Canada's security.

I have not heard from Eric in quite a long time. He is reachable by e-mail at ***********@yahoo.com, but I have no e-mail in here. Give Laro my best regards. It sucks not to be able to correspond with other prisoners, but I think of him often.




This is the Ernst Zundel in Canada and Germany to whom Kevin is refering. He is a Holocaust revisionist.

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