Laro Letter

Laro arrives at Phoenix FCI on his way to Safford FCI


I was very thrilled to receive your letters. In fact, the first letter I received in this "transition" facility was yours. As usual, you have been sending some incredibly pointed and worthwhile news items. Your letter (1st of 3) was labeled #23. I received one in Tucson the day before I left. That I didn't get to finish. (#22 perhaps) I liked the short piece about Flagstaff Copwatch having a metting and a pig showed up. I wonder what they are worried about (the piggies that is).

You know, your articles about the London subway shootings are the only news I was able to read about the events as they actually occurred. Next time the authorities tell us that we have nothing to fear if we are innocent. We can mention the name de Meneze! I honestly believe that this country is already down that path, only here the authorities blame their murders on the victim. Suicide by police, etc. etc. What a corck of shit these assholes are shoving down the collective throats of mainstream fearful Amerika.

The place I'm at now is an annex of FCI Phoenix. We are kept separated like we are diseased or something. One hour a day outside, the rest of the time inside. There is no fresh air, so the environment becomes very stagnant and colds run rampant. I got sick two days after I arrived and haven't been able to shake it yet. I had a little run-in with some bigots when I first arrived, but I have since dealt with that situation. It is funny how if you hear others talking about you and looking at you, and you confront them publicly and vocally, they back down. I'm not afraid of them, and I let them know that. They could probably kill me if they wanted to, but I called their bluff, and they turned out to be all talk. Bigots are so ignorant.

Now I'm nust waiting to continue to Safford. The days are very boring but go quickly. I will have been here two weeks tomorrow.

Give everyone my best. Copwatch is integral to the success of a truly foundational revolution. My strength and determination is rooted in the people and organization that is Copwatch.

Give em Hell.

In Solidarity,



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