Laro Letter

Laro's last day in Phoenix FCI


I was hoping you would send the letter in Korean to a friend. His address is:

JAE CHOI 255395
2332 N Las Vegas Blvd Suite 200
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

It is a note of solidarity. No return address is needed, just an envelope and a stamp. Thanks.

Today may be my last day here at the Phoenix annex. I won't know until about 2 or 3 AM. That's when they like to rouse us. Here anyway. In Tucson, I left in the middle of the day. For a brief moment in this odyssey, I looked upon familiar places and elements of home. An encouraging experience.

The thing that really gets to me in here is the overwhelming prevalence of the slave mentality. Men without dignity and self-respect. Instead of claiming their inmate birthright to dignity and respect, they dispose with it as compliant citizens of the fascist police state. These men are right where they (police) want them to be. It gets to me a little bit at a time. I look for integrity and respect, instead I see little of either. As the guards denigrate and belittle us, we allow that same mentality to work amongst us as well. It really doe shave a way of pulling a person down. Familiarity breeds contempt. When ignorance is predominant, division is guaranteed.

Speaking of solidarity and diversity, has Copwatch had any success in recruiting minority membership? If not, I know why. Minority populations fear the police, for legitimate reasons. To confront the police directly must stimulate incredible amounts of fear and anxiety. There is a legitimate concern fo police retaliation and targeting. Grass-roots community support needs to be established to support community members involved in Copwatch activities. I don't think we can become more than we are if we don't move in that direction.

Mike, thanks for everything. Keep up the good fight.

Strength and solidarity,



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