Ruben Rojas Letter

Ruben Rojas who was framed by the LAPD asks for a little help

Ruben Rojas who also was framed and shot by crooked LAPD Officer Rafael Perez



Dear Mike,

Hi? My name is Ruben Rojas, and I was involved in the (RAMPART L.A.P.D. Scandal). The reason for this letter is to see if you can search the website and send me the articles regarding my case that was back in (98-99.) I was framed and shot by officer Rafael Perez. Now Im trying to write a book, but have no material to support. All you have to do is click on to or and search for cases that were overturn in the years of 97-98-99. Look for the name of Ruben Rojas.

Thank you for your time

Respectfully yours


P/S. Ruben Rojas
F.C.I. Tucson
8901 S. Wilmot Rd
Tucson, AZ


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