Laro Letter

Can you help Reuben Rojas?

  5 September 2005

Dear Mike,

I want to thank you again for your continued support and solidarity. The news pieces you send are immensely appreciated, not only by me, but by a number of other folks in here as well. I take strength in knowing that I can depend on your correspondance while I'm here.

Maybe, and that's a certain ambiguous maybe, I'll be heading to Safford about the 7th or 8th of September. Rumor has it that a bus will be leaving the 7th, with a few seats goes for Safford. I'll let Beth know one way or another. This place is a typical prison setting. Three tiered bunks in a dorm setting. Noisy, disgusting, and uncomfortable. We can move between here and a TV Room, 23 hours a day locked up, 11:30 PM to 5:00 AM locked in the dorm only. One hour a day on a yard to get some exercise. I read, write, and watch a little TV. And I wait.

Hey, I've met a sort of police brutality celebrity. His name is Reuben Rojas. He was the guy the LAPD Rampart scandal was about. He was the guy they shot and then later on planted a gun on him to justify the shooting. I gave him the P.O. Box to Copwatch. It's your choice if you want to return any correspondance he may send. He was hoping you could google his name and find news articles about his case. He wants to start putting a manuscript together for a book.

I'm also returning a favor. I had a Korean guy in here translate a letter for me. You sent one Chinese, I send you Korean! Good luck in translating!

Mike, you play an integral role in Copwatch. Your talents and energies are well- utilized. That is the essence of a successful progressive organization, many unique individuals contributing their particular talents to the success of the mission. I hope Copwatch can move past conflict and reach balance and momentum. When I'm released I'd like to contribute in whatever means I can to a strong organization. One built on the strength of our differences and the dedication to a common outcome. Take care my friend, I'll be writing again soon.

In Solidarity,



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