The Secret Service begins to harass Kevin Walsh

Subject: Kevin Walsh Update - life sucks in the insane asylum
Date: Thu, Sep 23 2004 3:44:29 PM -0700

I talked to Kevin today.

Good news. I spoke to Bryon Wells with the Mesa Tribune and mentioned that the shrinks said they were going to let Kevin go, but as soon as the Secret Service got their 10 day notice of it, they shot down Kevin's release.

He said he thought it would be good for a story. I told Kevin about it and will mail him Bryon's number. (note Bryon Wells wrote the story about Kevin's arrest in the Tribune. even though it was a little bit negitive because he reported the Sercret Service's side, I thought he reported the facts both sides gave him fairly). I didn't ask Kevin but what the deal in there. Don't they let them have pencils and pens? Are they afraid they will kill each other if they have stinking pencils.

[I was never allowed to have full-length pencils, either in the mental hospital, jail, or prison, only short golf pencils. I was allowed to have pens in prison, but not in jail or the mental hospital. --Kevin Walsh]

We had been trying to get copies of the records of Kevin's medical treatment. I think it would be nice publicity for Kevin's case if we showed that Kevin's shrinks said they were going to let him go but that the release was then stopped by the Secret Service.

Kevin said they have told him they will not give him his records until he is released. Gee sounds like a police state, and when I read up on the Arizona law on that a while back it said the doctors don't have to tell him stuff if they don't want to.

Kevin said the Secret Service wanted a copy of his medical records and the hospital would not give it to the goons with the federal government either. Kevin said they got some type of court order and he expects them to get the records today. Maybe we could use a copy of this court order for us to get the records.

A couple ago months I wrote up about 10 letters to various government agencies demanding that they give us copies of Kevin's information per ARS 39-121 and the Federal Freedom of Information Act. Kevin mailed them. Only the Phoenix cops and the Maricopa County court house have responded to the request. The rest of the government goons have not answered. I guess they don't have to obey the stinking public record laws.

Kevin says they were making him take 3 different types of drugs doping him up. He said they have stopped forcing him to take one drug. I think it was the lithium carbonate he doesn't have to take any more. Oddly lithium carbonate is for manic depressives. Kevin ain't a manic depressive.

Kevin says they have told him a number of times that they don't really need to give him the drugs they are giving him, and the drugs that they are giving him are not helping him.

Kevin asked the logical question in that if he doesn't need the drugs and if the drugs are not working then why don't they stop giving him the drugs.

Kevin said like government bureaucrats they told him he was under court ordered treatment and they had to do something. I guess when they jail Kevin and other people for being crazy it's really a jobs program for shrinks and all the other highly paid medical workers that work at the nut house.

Kevin said the drugs are really doping him up and that he would not be able to drive if he was taking the drugs and was released.

I mentioned to Kevin that from what I read about schizophrenia that they really don't know how to treat it, and it's a dream job if you want long term employment as a shrink. They say we will give you some drugs and look at the results after a couple of weeks and that the couple of weeks often ends up extending into months or years.

Kevin more or less said that's what they told him is their plan for treating him. I guess they got Kevin's body and mind and a bunch of government money to pay for his treatment and they will treat him forever (or at least until the money runs out).

Kevin is having problems getting his guns back. He said he is trying to have the government give them to one of his relatives but isn't having any progress.

Kevin said his court-appointed lawyer is Tenny Martin. She works down by the courthouse in downtown Phoenix. He said she just seemed like a government bureaucrat who was not interested in helping him. Maybe we should bug her for information.

Last I assume Kevin is still at the hospital in Mesa. I called the number there and spoke to him today.


ps - We also talked about Laro. It seems as part of Laro's probation deal the feds want to force him to see shrinks and at their choice dope him up after he gets out of jail, just like they are doping up Kevin.

Man life is taking on a gloomy picture.

Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.

Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850) Premium Accounts for Legal Professionals


Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner who was jailed in a mental hospital by the Secret Service for his anti-Bush statements. Kevin Walsh had committed no crimes and the Secret Service had no evidence to charge Kevin Walsh with any crimes.