Kevin Walsh's second letter from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's hell hole

  Dear Mike,

I received a letter from Kevin Walsh yesterday, a four-page handwritten one. He seems to be more alert now that he's out of the hospital.

He seems to be doing better. Although prisoners aren't allowed to be out of their cells at the same time, they meet each other as they pass by the cells and introduce one another. He met one guy named "Sammy" Samuel Compton who is charged with murder and has the bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder and has been in the jail for two years.

Kevin's commentary on the Samuel Compton case after his release

Kevin goes on:

"I have met 'Scrappy' also. He is also accused of murder and was already doing time for another murder when he was diverted here. I also met 'Manny' who is accused of firing shots at police officers. Apparently I am housed with those considered the most dangerous offenders. They have made up a jailhouse nickname for me. Apparently I am to be called 'the Professor.'"

Somehow Kevin is allowed to obtain books from, but I don't understand how prisoners with no access to the internet can obtain books from an on-line distributor. He had managed to get a radio so how he has some news from the outside world, such as it is. He said he heard about the assault on al-Fallujah on it.

Kevin said:

"I was finally allowed to make telephone calls this week, so I contacted my mother and Laro Nicol. I don't have the number for Mike Ross, so I couldn't contact him . He had written me a letter with no return address, so I've been unable to address his concerns. Since you can e-mail him, please tell him that I am in no position to obtain my medical and psychiatric records at the present time and that I have met with my public defender and her name is Jennifer Stewart. Ms. Stewart tells me she thinks the state has a weak case and that they may have obtained an indictment by misrepresenting something to the grand jury. She intends to investigate that. She will also try to get my bail reduced. My next court date is 19 November at 8:30am in courtroom 902. It is supposed to be an 'initial pre-trial conference.'"

So apparently the public defender is more optimistic on his case than the private lawyer hired by Kevin's mother.

Anyhow that's pretty much the latest news from him.




Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner who was jailed in a mental hospital by the Secret Service for his anti-Bush statements. Kevin Walsh had committed no crimes and the Secret Service had no evidence to charge Kevin Walsh with any crimes.