Some letters asking people to tell world about the violation of Kevin Walsh's rights

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Abuses of power by the Secret Service.

Dear Muslim Voice:

If you have ever been to any anti-war protest in the Phoenix area since the American government's unprovoked invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq you probably noticed Kevin Walsh. He was the guy wearing the military camouflage fatigues, a headband and always was carrying a Palestine flag to protest the illegal American funded Israel occupation of Palestine. While Kevin is a native born American as long as I have know him he has been against the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the against the American funding of these illegal and unconstitutional Israeli terrorist activity against Arab citizens. Perhaps your newspaper could help publicize this abuse of power by the Secret Service who has jailed Kevin for his political views.

We have all read the stories of where a person in a country run by a dictatorship says something bad about the government ruler, is overheard by someone who reports them to the authorities, and then jailed in a mental hospital by the secret police to be re-educated to learn that it?s wrong to bad mouth the government.

Most Americans naively assume that never happens in the U.S.A. Wrong! Ask Kevin Walsh who is currently being jailed in a mental institution in Arizona at the request of the Secret Service for bad mouthing president Bush.

Kevin's nightmare with the Secret Service begin in May of 2004 when a Republican telephone solicitor called the Walsh family and asked them to help re-elect President Bush for four more years of war or whatever reason they give for supporting Bush.

Kevin using his First Amendment right stupidly but legally told the Republican telephone solicitor that President Bush was a war criminal and he wished the president was dead. Something that's legal but not too bright to do when you're dealing with powerful, vindictive, and hateful government bureaucrats.

The Republican telephone solicitor reported Kevin Walsh to the Secret Service who had the Phoenix Police tail Kevin and eventually arrest Kevin, and jail him in a mental hospital in Mesa, Arizona.

It has been over two months as of now and the Secret Service didn't and still has not accused Kevin Walsh of any crimes. Nor has any other government agency accused Kevin Walsh of committing any crimes or planning to commit any crimes.

Why was Kevin Walsh jailed? Secret Service Special Agent Ray Lebeau filed paper work with the State of Arizona claiming that Kevin Walsh was mentally ill and a danger to himself and society.

That is very odd considering that Secret Service agent Ray Lebeau doesn't know Kevin Walsh nor has he ever met Kevin Walsh. With that in mind you would figure that Secret Service Agent Ray Lebeau is certainly not in a position where he could claim that Kevin is crazy, much less file paper work demanding that the State of Arizona lock up Kevin for being crazy?

None of Kevin Walsh's friends or enemies has claimed Mr. Walsh is crazy and demanded that the State of Arizona lock him up. The only person making that demand is Special Agent Ray Lebeau of the Secret Service who does not even know Mr. Walsh.

Maybe Secret Service Agent Ray Lebeau is a hot shot psychiatrist or head shrink who can just look at people and determine if they are crazy. Maybe Mr. Lebeua had Kevin locked up on that for that reason?

Nope Ray Lebeau is educated as a police officer not a head shrink. Secret Service Special Agent Ray Lebeau does not have any degrees or education in the mental health or medical fields. Again with that in mind you would figure Secret Service Agent Ray Lebeau certainly not in a position to file paper work calming that Kevin Walsh is a danger to himself and society and need to be locked up.

Kevin probably could have gotten out of this mess if he had taken the 5th and refused to talk with the police psychiatrists. But Kevin naively waived his rights and talked to the government psychiatrists with out a lawyer being present and they used whatever he said as an excuse to lock him up as crazy.

[The Fifth Amendment does not apply to examination by psychiatrists during a court- ordered evaluation, because anything one says is privileged and cannot be used as evidence against one in a criminal case. In any event, the psychiatrists could have diagnosed me based on observations of my behaviour or other evidence even without an examination. --Kevin Walsh]

Ten days later after his arrest in a kangaroo court hearing two-government psychiatrists rubber-stamped Secret Service Agent Ray Lebeau statement that Kevin was crazy and the judge ordered him locked up in the Arizona State Mental Hospital for up to 180 days (6 months). Kevin's court appointed legal consel told the court that Kevin's civil rights were being violated but that didn't do much good and Kevin was jailed.

After a week of treatment Kevin's psychiatrists claimed that Kevin was not insane, and that Kevin should be released. They set Kevin's release date to be July 24. That date was after the 10-day notice the mental health workers have to give to the Secret Service, notifying them that they were releasing Kevin.

[The psychiatrists didn't say that I was sane, only that I should be treated as an outpatient. That's pretty much standard proceedure. Once patients are declared insane, they are usually allowed to go and required to take medication and see a psychiatrist on a regular basis. --Kevin Walsh]

Of course this story didn't have a happy ending. The Secret Service stopped Kevin?s July 24 release. A month and a half later as of Sept 10 while I am writing this Kevin is still jailed in a mental hospital in Mesa, Arizona with no release date in sight. I suspect when his court ordered six-month commitment of 180 days (six months) ends the Secret Service will demand that it be extended another 6 months and the kangaroo court will rubber stamp it.

If you want to do a story about Kevin he can be contacted from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Arizona time by the telephone. The phone will be answered by Kevin or one of his fellow inmates. Arizona law says his calls can't be monitored but are you going to trust the government? Kevin's number is:


He is being detained at Desert Vista Mental Hospital in Mesa Arizona which is a suburb of Phoenix. He can be visited there in daytime hours. The address is:

Desert Vista Campus
Maricopa Medical Center
570 Brown Road
Mesa, Arizona
If you wish to contact Kevin by mail its best to send it to his home. That Address is:
Kevin Walsh
5059 N 38th Place
Phoenix, Arizona

It would be nice if you could publicize these two web pages, which are protesting the Secret Services arrest of Kevin Walsh and other abuses of power by the Secret Service. The web pages are:

Why is Kevin Walsh being jailed as a political prisoner? Perhaps it is because he said bad things about President Bush? If that is true any of us Bush haters could be jailed for bad mouthing the president. Not a nice thought!

Or maybe it's because Kevin Walsh is also a gun owner. In many states the Second Amendment has been flushed down the toilet and is null and void. But in Arizona the Second Amendment is not null and void and we have lots of gun owners. Kevin Walsh has a concealed weapon permit issued by the State of Arizona and he always is armed with a gun for self-defense. Perhaps that's why the Secret Service jailed Kevin as a political prisoner, they are afraid of his gun. To get a concealed weapon permit the state of Arizona makes you jump thru all kinds of background checks to prove you are not crazy or insane. The fact that Kevin has had a concealed weapon permit for years is more evidence that Kevin is being framed by the Secret Service for his political views.

Sadly they are not only jailing Kevin but he is being forced against his will to take large amounts of the mind altering drugs risperidone and lithium carbonate.

Kevin is accused of having the mental illness schizophrenia. A common myth is that people who are schizophrenia are crazy evil ax murders who will kill anyone they see. But that is just a myth.

Psychologists who treat schizophrenia say that 99 percent of the people with schizophrenia are not dangerous. In fact most individuals with schizophrenia are withdrawn and prefer to be left alone.

The definition of any form of schizophrenia is extremely broad - mood changes, paranoid behavior, social isolation, unusual speech, unusual thinking, unusual behavior, elated or depressed moods, distorted perceptions of reality, being distant, detached, being preoccupied, delusions of persecution, false and irrational beliefs that they are being cheated, harassed, or conspired against are all symptoms of schizophrenia. Even using drugs such as nicotine from tobacco use, or alcohol or marijuana use can cause people to have the symptoms of schizophrenia for limited periods of time.

With that definition in mind anyone who talks to a shrink could be diagnosed as having schizophrenia. I certainly have a few of those symptoms. And I suspect almost everyone on the planet has a few of those symptoms. And if the Secret Service had their way we could all be locked up, well at least those of us who say bad things about President Bush.

There are two severe common forms of schizophrenia which disable people and lower the quality of their lives. The most common form is where people hear voices. Kevin does not hear voices and has never heard voices. Another form is called ?manic depressive? or by its politically correct name ?bipolar disorder?. Bipolar disorder causes dramatic mood swings?from overly "high" and/or irritable to sad and hopeless, and then back again, often with periods of normal mood in between. Kevin is not being accused by the state of being a ?manic depressive? although oddly they are forcing him to take the drug lithium carbonate which used to treat ?manic depressives?.. They told him they were making him take the drug ?just in case?.

But even in these cases of people with these severe forms of schizophrenia the psychiatrists who treat them say that 99 percent of these people are not dangerous to themselves or anyone else. If this is true why is Kevin Walsh being jailed? The bottom line is Kevin Walsh is a political prisoner and being jailed because he said he wished President Bush was dead.

Schizophrenia is a common illness. It is estimated that one percent of the population is schizophrenic. The information I present can be found in any library where there are many usually many books on schizophrenia. Using google and the other search engines you can also find lots of information about schizophrenia on the internet. One good web source is NAMI or National Association of Mental Illness. On the web its at


[Although I was given medications commonly given to treat schizophrenia, I was never diagnosed as a schizophrenic. I was initially diagnosed as having the "psychotic disorder, not otherwise specified" and later diagnosed as having the delusional disorder. The concept of the dangerous madman is largely a myth. Most dangerous people are not mentally ill. Most mentally ill people are not dangerous. --Kevin Walsh]


Kevin Walsh is a political prisoner who was jailed in a mental hospital by the Secret Service for his anti-Bush statements. Kevin Walsh has committed no crimes and the Secret Service has no evidence to charge Kevin Walsh with any crimes.